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India is a land of rich cultural heritage and geographic beauty. There are many places of tourist interests in India and every year many foreign tourists from different parts of the world come to explore the eternal beauty of this Nation. Tourists come for different purposes such as tourism, business, education, family reunions, etc. 

  • The best time to visit India is during cooler months from November to March.
  • For a visit to mountainous regions of India, the months of April to October are better suited.
  • Most cities have means of efficient local transportation such as taxis, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, and buses. Private cabs can also be hired.
  • It is important to carry an International Driving License if you wish to drive on your own.
  • For inter-city and inter-state transport you can avail services of Indian Railways and domestic airlines. Buses, taxis and cabs also ferry people across cities and states.
  • In case you are travelling during the summer months, take extra protection as the sun is very strong and it can get mercilessly hot. Carry hats, sunglasses and most importantly sunscreen lotions.
  • Indian food has a wide range of varied cuisines that are absolutely lip smacking. There are so many types of food in India that it becomes difficult to choose from the diverse range of traditional food in India
  • Just like the amalgamation of cultures, we have an amalgamation of food styles too. Some are authentic, some are inspired and some are discovered accidentally! Though there is no scarcity of food, the range that India offers is so gigantic that you may not able to decide what to eat in India!
  • The best time to visit India is during cooler months from November to March.
  • Keep drinking water to prevent de-hydration. During summer it is much better to wear cotton clothes which are trendy and affordable.
  • In winter woolen clothes and coats is preferable. Rain coats and Jackets can be used in rainy season.
  • Keep a small first aid kit with you with your essential medications along with band-aids, anti-septic ointment and mosquito repellants